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Affiliated Eye Surgeons  provides outstanding service for our patients. Dr. Medford offers his expertise to the care of the practice's patients’ complete eye health. For over 21 years, Affiliated Eye Surgeons has been an area leader in innovation and excellence in eye care and eye surgery. Dr. Medford was one of the first ophthalmologist in the Morristown & West Orange area to offer local, outpatient, topical, no-injection, anesthesia for cataract surgery which allowed her patients to return home within 1 hour after the procedure.

Dr. David J Medford

    Dr. David J. Medford   

    Dr. David J Medford is board certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology and is a comprehensive ophthalmologist specialized in the treatment and diagnosis of cataracts, glaucoma, and many other diseases of the eye. Dr. Medford performs surgery when necessary for these conditions, including:

In addition to these services, Dr. David Medford provides services for patients who wish to look their best by offering Botox® treatments, Juvéderm® injections. Most exciting is the best ever way to grow your eyelashes longer!, thicker!, darker!.... with Lattise®.


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Mission Cataract - Free Eye Surgery

Mission Cataract USA began in 1991 and offers free cataract

surgery to people of all ages who have no means to pay.